Episode 84 – Sara is on a ROLL! | Mentoring Developers | #GirlsWhoCode | #React.js #HowToSucceed

Sara Inés Calderón is a mobile app developer (iOS & Android via React Native) and a community leader.

In this exciting episode of Mentoring Developers, I talk to my friend, Sara. Her story and career progression is inspirational especially for women and people who come into technology from other professions. Get ready for this amazing no-holds-barred discussion about women in technology.

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Sara’s Bio:

Sara Inés Calderón is a mobile app developer (iOS & Android via React Native), community leader and writer based in Austin, Texas. She works as a Lead Mobile Developer and has worked on several music-related apps. She has previously worked on musx and Tribl and currently works at Artistory.

Important Links

  • Sara’s Blog: http://www.sarainescalderon.com/

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