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Hi, I’m Arsalan and I know how hard it is to put your software development career on a solid path. I also know that new and aspiring developers need senior developers, like myself, to show them some empathy – to show that we care and we want you to succeed. There is no need to suffer alone. Let’s make software development a nurturing, helpful, and rewarding career for everyone.

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Episode 91

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Episode 91

Greg started his career in data science after not getting a proper job with his Ph.D. degree in physics. He joined a Data Science bootcamp and then got a job as a Data Scientist. Watch this interesting interview as he describes his experience...

Episode 90

Kim Luu: BIO: My whole life’s purpose is to be helpful to other people. Originally, that desire led me to pursue a career in hospitality, where I could directly impact the one-to-one consumer experience through her attention to detail, clear...

Oscar Delgadillo

Episode 85 – Oscar wins the battle!

Oscar’s Bio: Oscar is a Mexican-born Chicago-raised Software Engineer with experience in supply chain management. He has an obsession with fountain pens and making sure everyone feels safe. Oscar has a passion for helping folks of...

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