Episode 82 – How do you even break into a software career | Mentoring Developers | Newbie Developer

How do you even get into the field of Software Development without first going to a 4-year college for Computer Science or an expensive code academy?

How hard is it to switch careers and be accepted as a legitimate software engineer? Will you be considered an imposter? Tune in to this episode to find out! We discuss with Kevin Schwartz his career-switching journey into software and the ways he may have stumbled and fumbled and finally found his way. For show notes and to listen to the audio podcast, visit http://scientdev.wpengine.com/episode82 and let us know what you think!

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Kevin’s Bio:

Kevin Schwartz is 27 and very recently switched careers into the development field after learning on the side for years.  He is working with BYBE and doing some freelance projects for income and mostly interested in Front End Web Development. He graduated from The Ohio State University for New Media and Communication technology with a minor in design.

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